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Shattered Fate is set in the same universe as Voyager of Time, and is, in fact, a "midquel" to the game. This will be set in the seven years that Link is asleep in the Sacred Realm, about two years after he first pulled the Master Sword from the pedestal.

However, in this mod, players will not play as The Hero of Time.

This story is about the self-proclaimed Hero, a nameless man who answers the call that Hyrule has made to get out from under Ganondorf's rule. While Link is trapped in the Sacred Realm, The Hero goes around Hyrule, helping those in need. But the way he goes about it might not be so much help after all.

Shattered Fate will be a four dungeon, adult only mod of OOT, with a few surprises along the way. As before, more will be revealed with udpates. Story will remain pretty hush until nearing release, just like with Voyager. Unlike VoT, I do not have a time of release for this, as I will be dealing with much more complicated things, and I need to learn new things just as before.

What to Expect (subject to change):

The Ocarina will not be making an appearance in Fate, obviously, due to the main character not being Link. Since The Hero is not Link, he also does not get the pleasure of riding Epona. However, he does get Brownie, the horse that you cannot ride usually. This is actually an idea that I had wanted to implement in Voyager, but have brought it over to this game, as it fits perfectly.

There will be custom dungons, but they will be what I call "naturalized" dungeons. Things like Ice Cavern and Dodongo's Cavern, but on a much larger scale to full dungeon size. There's a reason I'm going in this direction, but I don't want to reveal too many things.

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